Thursday, March 05, 2009

Suddenly Facebook (Mendadak Facebook)

Several months ago, I have an incoming email in my inbox. An invitation to join Facebook, a social networking site (or social not-working?). Firstly, I thought it was a kind of myspace, friendster, Hi5 and other social networking sites. But I was wrong. I knew this site was dif
ferent and a unique social networking site. The facebook facilities gives me more features than any other site. I don't even feel too old to join in. And finally, I found my old friends there from just a simple searching box, I could say.

Similarly experienced by Veronica, a marketing manager at an automotive company in Pekanbaru. She confessed, on her online virtual world, Facebook has become her must to have menu every day, just like eating and drinking. "Three months ago, in my office may be I am the only one who own an account on Facebook. But, now almost every single employees in my office has a facebook account. In fact, we have a GROUP that strictedly closed for us for updating information betwee
n employees, " she said.

Being asked about the most wanted application in facebook, she mentioned the comment from the 'Wall to Wall', account status and the image tags feature that could be attributed to the accounts of friends listed on Facebook which makes the spirit to keep online and monitor the status of friend's every time. "We will soon know if there is any new updates because there is a warning sent to us via email on our computer, iPhone or blackberry," she said. "We could monitor our friends who are online at a time and also be able to directly chat with them, something you couln't find from other networking website," she said.

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Thanks to Delpe Jepreters who took those pistures.


  1. Anonymous3:54 PM

    yeah, this is a booming social networking site nowadays, even in my net cafe, every user open facebook (before is friendster)...
    but, it has many ads, right?

  2. @fietha
    Ads is a living breath of a website. Every site does. But, in FB the ads take their proportion, not too big and annoying like in any other site.

    Thank you for visiting me fietha...

  3. fenomena sesaat atau bukan ya....semua orang ribut pasang profile di FB, FB makin laris manisssssssss....bikin Add pun makin guampang dikenal orang..efectifitasnya itu looooh.

  4. wah..
    saya juga lagi maenan FB